Agite bid farewell to 2022 in style, with a frantic few months of markets, pop ups, trips and events. 


After the pandemic we all came back to a hectic environment overwhelmed with different trips, meetings work and plans.

However, even though we lived through it fast, and I am sure we all have a feeling that last year just flew by, it was also a big year where people started to turn more towards a sustainable lifestyle and learn more about what that means for us and our planet. 


Now, already more than half way through the first month of 2023, we still have to work and learn more about sustainability everyday and try to implement small changes into our lifestyle so we can try to connect with ourselves and defend our ideals. 


  • Starting with Social Media, where we all turn to for inspiration, it’s really important to understand that sometimes it’s great to detox! Try to turn off your apps and go offline for a bit. Start with couple of hours, then a day and then maybe two. Take a walk, Nature is also full of inspiration! 

  • Another thing that we sometimes don’t notice is ‘who are the people that are influencing us?’ What your favourite influencer is showing you everyday is really important for your brain and consumerism. Try to ‘clean’ your Instagram of Fast fashion shops and people who support them. 

  • Make plans with your friends that don’t involve shopping! Instead of going to browse in shops with your best friends maybe go out into nature and organise a hike. Or visit a flea market instead! 

  • Try one of the Vegan restaurants in your town. Food is one of the big things that influence sustainability and maybe next time you need place to visit choose the one that is more sustainable and sells local products. 

  • Let’s waste less food! One of the biggest pollution problems is food waste, try to make a lists before you go to the supermarket and look for interesting recipes on how to use your leftovers! Did you know that with your leftover vegetable peels you can make veggie stock, spices and seasonings? You can cook more creatively and come up with delicious, sustainable recipes!


These are just some of the things that we’ve been implementing lately and we’re gonna continue practicing them into 2023!


We hope to inspire you and let us know what sustainable tips you have for us to practice this year, leave it in the comment section below!

 Written by Anja Markovic


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