Small actions make a difference

A few days ago we officially entered autumn, the season that brings us a little more cold, shorter days, spectacular sunsets.... With its arrival, most of us make what we call the "wardrobe change". It is very common that, in this process of changing short sleeves for long sleeves, we acquire new seasonal garments and discard others that we no longer use, others that we never wore, but we kept...

These clothes that we no longer want to wear, how many times have we worn them? According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we wear a garment 7 to 10 times before getting rid of it. This is certainly food for thought. And it is because clothes can and should have a longer life, that is, they can accompany us for much longer.

The key is to give a twist to your wardrobe and go for the clothes that you wear the most and that make you feel more comfortable. After making this selection, it is possible that you may need to buy and complement your wardrobe with some garments that you may need. That's fine, but think before you buy: what you really need and how you could combine it with what you already have. Finally, with that list in mind, the ideal would be to buy more basic and better quality clothes (remember what we said about giving more life to your clothes? To do this, leave fast fashion aside and try not to buy compulsively).

Finally, with what you've discarded, you can give it to a friend, sell it on apps like Depop, donate it to foundations like NCBI, Vincents, Oxfam... Perhaps you haven't asked yourself what happens to the clothes we no longer want, but what we find, as Green News points out in its article "What really happens to our unwanted clothes? Every year in Europe we throw away 2 million tonnes of textiles. To put that into perspective, that's equivalent to the weight of more than 166,000 double-decker buses.
Yes, you read that right: 2 million tonnes... That's why it's so important to keep in mind that if you don't want to wear a garment anymore, think that there might be someone else who can. Give, sell or donate... Small actions make a difference.

Join circular fashion.

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